Topics of interest include, but  are not limited to:

System Integration: Embedded systems, manufacturing systems, sensors, actuators, modeling and simulation, MEMS and NEMS, bio-mechatronics, autotronics, mechanism design and applications.

Robotics: Robot kinematics and dynamics, unmanned vehicles, industrial robots, multi robotics, biomedical robotics, telerobotics, micro robotics, navigation, mapping, localization , SLAM, intelligent systems and vision.

Control Systems: Realtime control, intelligent control, monitoring and supervision, observers, estimation and identification, machine learning and pattern recognition, nonlinear control, robust control, adaptive control, optimal control, digital control, distributed and networked control, and control applications.

Industrial Automation:  Electronics, industrial process control, PLC systems, DCS, and SCADA.

Renewable Energy and Sustainable Systems: Mechatronics Applications for Control and Automation of Renewable Energy, Sustainable Systems, Sustainable Production, and  Smart Buildings .

Education: Mechatronics education, virtual labs, elearning in Mechatronics, curriculum development, and projectbased education.

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